Read what actual workshop attendees have said about Virginia CPS workshops:

"This is the first college workshop that has given us any hope!"
- Janice P.

"This workshop was totally worth it.  I can't believe how much I learned."
- Bruce and Linda G.

"I love the idea that even though we have a higher income, we can still get money for college!"
- Steve and Frances Y.

"My child's guidance counselor didn't tell us any of this - everything was extremely useful."
- Mitch C.

"This is what every parent must know before they even think about applying to college."
- Janine M

"I've been staying awake at night worrying about paying for college.  Thanks for helping me sleep again!"
- Gary A.

"Thank you, Mike!  I'm so appreciative of the knowledge you brought to this workshop."
- Rhonda H.

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