Financial Planning with a Focus on College Tuition Funding

Virginia College Planning Specialists is Virginia's leading expert in the college planning process, dedicated to sending your child to the college of their choice without spending your family's life savings, sacrificing your current lifestyle, or just plain going broke.

From Raw Experience

Having seen first-hand the dire need for quality and professional college financial aid planning, Mike and Sarah Irwin founded Virginia CPS, and their organization has helped over 2,700 families send their children to college with peace of mind in knowing that they aren't leveraging their retirement.

Training, Experience, Expertise

Mike is an author, an accomplished lecturer, and is a firm believer that any family, regardless of their background or financial circumstances, can send their child to college if they take the time to learn about and understand the process.  Mr. Irwin is a proud member of the Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, the National Association of College Funding Advisors, and an associate of the College Planning Network, the nation's largest and most reputable college admission and financial aid services organizations.

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